Crystal receiver set 8.


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This is a description of the so-called "Max Radio"
This crystal receiver has been built by Max at the age of 11.
With a little help from me, he built this receiver in two afternoons. 

Circuit diagram of the radio.

The coil is wound on a coil former made of a CD.
The shiny aluminium layer was fully removed from the CD.
The coil is wound with 11 meters litzwire (40x0.07mm).

As a loudspeaker, a modern headphone is used with a resistance of 32 Ohm per speaker.

Below, some pictures of Max, building his own radio.



The result:

The radio is ready.

With a antenna wire of 10 meters, 3 Dutch stations are received clearly.
In the evening, also 3 German and one English station are received.

Without connecting the earthwire the radio will work, however, the sound will be weaker.



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