Crystal receiver set 11

Step 1    preparing the components

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Preparation of the tuning capacitor

Mount the mounting supports on the tuning capacitor (they are delivered with the tuning capacitor).
Place the shaft coupler on the shaft of the tuning capacitor.

Lay the tuning capacitor upside down (in this picture, the shaft is at the upper side).
Bend the 6 solder tags (A,B,C,D,E and F) upwards.

Solder a 39 pF capacitor between solder tag A and the frame of the tuning capacitor.
Scrap (if necessary) the oxide from frame and solder tag, to make the soldering easier.

Mount the 47 kΩ resistor parallel to the 68 nF capacitor.
The wires of the resistor are turned around the wires of the capacitor, and then soldered together.

Bend the wire of the capacitor in a right angle, at 8 mm from the capacitor.
Solder the 68 nF capacitor with one wire to the points B and C of the tuning capacitor, as shown on the picture above.
Cut of the other wire as shown.

Solder the cut off wire between the points D and E of the tuning capacitor.

Take two pieces of wire with transparent insulation with a length of 95 mm.
Solder one wire to point E.
Solder the other wire (with the red line on it) to point F.
The wires must point in the direction as shown on the picture.

Top view of the tuning capacitor.

Preparations on the transformer.

Solder two wires (length 95 mm) with transparent insulation to the transformer.
One wire to the "0" connection.
The other wire (with the red line), to the 4Ω connection.

 Preparing the wooden sticks.

Saw 2 sticks with a diameter of 9 mm to a length of 100 mm.
Drill in each stick 2 holes of 3 mm.
One hole at 6 mm from the end, the other at 81 mm from the end.
Lacquer the blanc wooden sticks with brown lacquer, and then one time with blanc varnish.

Take 2 sticks of about 2.5 mm thickness and about 170 mm long.
Lacquer the sticks with brown lacquer.

Saw the sticks in two.

Preparation of the headphone socket.

The socket for the headphone must be modified as follows:
remove the back part of the ground connection.
Left: the original socket.
Right: the ground connection is shortened.

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